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Speed Factory Racing Team will let the cat out of the bag…. Team manager Dalius Steponavicius has presented his drivers for the 5thELMS season in LMP3 category, adding: “Well… It looks like a strong, icy vodka cocktail… With an olive in it…
Speed Factory Racing team driver - Alexey Chuklin. ELMS 2019

Alexey Chuklin

The LMP3 Bronze boy – fast and, hopefully, more furious in the nearest future, Alexey Chuklin, looks very handsome in the colorful SFR LigierJS P3. Young, sexy and full of confidence to take risks. Alexey, stay strong as that vodka! Go, go, go!
Speed Factory Racing team driver - Danil Pronenko. ELMS 2019

Danil Pronenko

Danil Pronenko – our ice cube. His very safe driving freezes the whole LMP3 race, but who cares. He can combine ice and fire. We all know about that. Remember Portimao?! He melted ice and let his spirit lift us to P4. What a Showtime, Danil! We are ready to enjoy your future top results!
Speed Factory Racing team driver - Marcello Marateotto. ELMS 2019

Marcello Marateotto

And this time the most beloved ingredient in a shaken-not-stirred-James-Bond-style medium Vodka Dry Martini is not a slice of Valencian lemon peel, my dear friends, but an olive – the Swiss Marcello Marateotto.He is a master of whatever it is, that he is doing. He’s nimble like a cat with nine lives. His experience will truly complement our Team’s cocktail. We hope for good cooperation between our drivers, as the cocktail has to stay strong, cold and still taste good. “ELMS has lifted us in 2015 like a rollercoaster. We had to go down but now we are ready to get back up again. Maybe we’ll be reaching the peak this time.  Who knows?” – says Dalius Steponavicius. ¨But that´s not all in 2019, Speed Factory Racing Team will enter three cars in the Road to Le Mans race and will participate with Ligier JS P3 and Formula Renault in the Ultimate Cup Series¨. Looking for a cat? Read one more time…