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We started 2018 season with VdeV 4 h race in Barcelona. All team drivers were happy with the work, team did during winter by improving car performance. During longs Friday┬┤s FP sessions, our drivers squad wiped winter rust and were able to keep good pace. Saturday qualifying was very wet. We were more concentrated for setup as for good lap timing. Anyway our pace was between top 10, but unfortunately lot of full course yellow and red flags has made that our fastest two laps were canceled, but P19 was not a tragedy.
Before race start rain was much stronger and track was in not drivable conditions, but race director decide to start race behind safety car. It was maybe not wrong decision to start race, but keeping all field three hours behind safety car instead to wait for better weather conditions or cancel race – was total nonsense. It was clear that CN cars can keep driving longer between refuelling, that driver line from two drivers hase advantage, that are not possible to use handicaps regarding rules. We finished race without any race laps!!!
Is is correct to have winners of 3 hours racing behind safety car? For me -winner is Safety car driver, although maybe not even him as couple times he swapped car.
Race weekend that should be forgotten.